Call yourself a Vegetarian for humanitarian reasons???

This might be a bit of a contentious issue and one that people prefer not to know about but its my blog and I can spew if I want to… right?  *holds thumbs*

 So here’s the skinny!

 If you are a Vegetarian for humanitarian reasons then you should know all the facts before touting yourself as a true Veggie and Humanitarian!

 The one statement that yanks my butt hair the most is… “I’m a vegetarian because I love animals, but I eat chicken and fish.”


 Fish and chicken belong to the kingdom Animalia which means it’s an animal!  So how can you profess to love animals, but choose which animal to eat?

 That is the crux of these pseudo humanitarian vegetarians – you can’t CHOOSE what part of being a vegetarian you want to slavishly follow and then discard all the other parts because you don’t want to give up something you like.

 Don’t get me wrong here… if you are a Vegetarian for health reasons – then all you need to remember is that there is 5 different types of vegetarianism and you need to be very clear about it when you book meals on planes or RSVP for a dinner invitation.

Means NO animal-based foods, no diary products and no eggs.

Means NO meat products or eggs – but will eat diary products

Lacto-ovo vegetarianism
No meat – but will eat diary products and eggs.

No meat – but will eat fish, diary products and eggs.

On-off veggie that decides WHEN they want to be a vegetarian and what they want to eat.

BUT!!!!!   If you tell me that you are a vegetarian for humanitarian reasons but admit to eating chicken or fish – then in my world – you are NOT one and you should stop fooling yourself! L

Being a fully fletched Veggie is not a fashion statement or something that you use to make you stand out in the crowd.

 It’s a conviction!
And a way of life!

 People who chose to be vegetarians because they love animals will NEVER eat any part of any animal!  As a matter of fact – they won’t even eat cheese or drink milk.

 Why not?

 Well – to get the cow to produce so much milk you have to allow the cow to have babies – lots and lots of little lambs!  But you can’t let the poor little lamb take all the milk – so then they take the babies away from their mommas and they sell them for meat.

 In other words – eating cheese and milk means that you are creating a demand for a product that the farmer has to supply and little lambs end up going to the slaughter to land up on somebody’s table.

 Another thing… some cheeses contain Animal Rennet which means that the enzymes of an baby animal stomach lining were used as a coagulant.  In other words – a vegetarian who loves animals can not possibly eat these cheeses without being instrumental in the death of another animal.

 Here’s another fact…. Did you know that some manufacturers use BONE CHAR to whiten sugar?  Bone char means that the bones from animals are cooked at very high temperature and grounded up.  This is used to whiten the sugar.  Scary huh?

 I’m not condemning anybody for their life-choices here and I am not ridiculing people for being ignorant….  I just want people to remember that they need to research fully and comprehend completely before claiming to be something that they actually know very little about.

 Because if you don’t – then you are negating what the true Humanitarian Vegetarian is all about.

 So… keep on eating your cheese sandwich, drink your coffee with milk and eat your Sushi with raw fish if that is what you want.

 Just please stop trying to fool yourself that you are fully committed to living a life-style where you aren’t guilty of abusing animals in any shape or form.

 If there is not too much backlash about this – then I’ll share with you what I call “milk” and “cheese” in another post.

 Until then – Information is Education – research so that you can truly become what you claim to be.


 *Humanitarian Vegetarian waves goodbye from a save distance*


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Meet our new doggy….

On Friday a friend phoned me to ask if we wanted another dog… After a very adamant NO… she started telling me that they rescued a litter of 6 puppies who somebody just wanted to drop off at the SPCA.   The poor little things were not even 6 weeks old.
We asked everybody at work if they wanted any puppies and managed to house 5 of them.  Unfortunately nobody wanted the runt of the litter and after seeing the poor little thing who was no bigger than the size of my hand – I ended up taking a tired sleepy little girl home with me.
On the way I picked up my sister and she took one look at the poor little thing and fell in love!
We took her to the Vet on Saturday morning and she appears to be a X between a Sausage Dog, a Chihuahua and a possible Jack Russell. 
Personally my whole family don’t give a fig what she’s going to finally look like – because every single one of them are besotted and the little thing is being treated like a princess…  Its only her second day with us and already she has more toys than the other dogs!

So without further ado – I give you Chloe!

Breed – undetermined and not important at all!
I’m cute and I know it!



When is it supper time?

My toys are bigger than me...


I'm smaller than a shoe...Time for little doggies to sleep....

I hope you all have a wonderful mother’s day and I hope you get spoiled rotten!
Have a great Sunday.
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