Unusual Angles… Sideview’s weekend challenge…


Have you ever noticed how a photograph can reflect our viewpoints in life?

When we take a picture many of us frame the subject squarely into the centre of the pic. Some of us though prefer to take a different angle to capture the thing that fascinates us the most…. the soft line of a jaw, the elegant arch of a neck, the stark contrast of colours…

And then there are the few who take unusual angles often with jaw dropping results.

A friend once said to me that he thinks that some people are just lucky to be at the right place at the right time…. But then that very friend’s wife took a photograph with him standing right next to her because she could see an opportunity when he couldn’t….

Are some of us programmed to view things only from one perspective?

Its even more fascinating when you realize that we do the exact same thing when participating in an argument.

We take the angle we are the most comfortable with and never even BEGIN to explore the different, the unusual and the uncommon angles waiting quietly on the sidelines for us to notice them.

Few of us can actually see the different angles, the rare viewpoints and the insightful approaches to the pivotal subject that becomes the centre piece like the proverbial elephant in a staid and stoic room.

To me this is quite sad because we are literally closing our minds to all other possibilities.

Often I will quietly sit in a corner and listen to a developing argument and be saddened beyond measure when neither participant appears to be willing to change the angle of their argument just that tiny little bit. If we live the life of the person we are arguing with just for a day… wouldn’t that make us look at our subject from THEIR angle?

And what about the quirky, the eccentric and the original individuals who take the unusual angles that we all constantly miss on our daily paths?

Having a conversation with them is like take a roller-coaster ride into the House of Fun with neon skeletons jumping up at you from every corner, slimy bony hands touching you out of the darkness and fanciful characters appearing out of nowhere to make you jump.

You NEVER know what awaits you and every encounter is exciting leaving you panting for more….

People like this can see things from outside our normal perspectives while creating innumerable possibilities for us to explore. Kind of a wake-up call from the warm comfortable cocoon we wrap ourselves in for protection.

The human race is a shy bunch taught by years of evolutionary indoctrination that we must be careful, we must conform and we must walk the path laid out for us by those that have gone before us.

If only we had the willingness to explore the unusual angles of our own lives and the lives of those we come into contact with….

So next time you take a photo, change the angle just ever so slightly. Go down onto your stomach if you must, crawl into bushes if you have to, climb on top of skyscrapers if you need to….

Do what ever it takes to change the angle so that you can widen your perspective just that tiny little bit…. More will follow!

Unusual angles…. Try it!

I found the pictures on this site – go and take a look!!!



About Lyndatjie

A 50 year old Techno Junky from Cape Town - South Africa. Shares her home with 2 teenagers and other animals.
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3 Responses to Unusual Angles… Sideview’s weekend challenge…

  1. granny1947 says:

    That is what it is all about…thinking outside the box!

  2. very inciteful, and the pics are such fun

  3. souldipper says:

    Sometimes I put my camera on “continuous” lower it, by the strap, to the ground so the camera can snap angles I couldn’t crawl into. Or I swing it slowly over my head. Thank God for digital, but the odd shot appears that is breathtaking!

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