Playing catch-up….

Apologies for going absent  – but unfortunately work, work and more work has a nasty habit of interfering with my life!
As you can see – I still haven’t won the lotto which means that I’m still not spending hours of free time in coffee shops where I could happily fill in my sudoku and laugh at the poor sods who have to work for a living.  Instead I’m sitting in coffee shops between appointments, filling out my sudoku and feeling absurdly ecstatic for having ten whole minutes to myself….  Sad sad sad SAD!
I’m trying to introduce my sister’s eldest girl to blogging and I’m hoping to have a blog up and running for her soon.  She is a budding photographer from Australia and wants to stretch her wings a bit.  She is a beautiful 19 year old with a sharp wit and brilliant mind.  Please watch this space……
Now lets catch up on Chloe the puppy that nearly become just another unwanted dog thrown away by uncaring humans.  She has turned into a naughty, inquisitive and happy little puppy!  Everything that you would expect from a toddler!  If only people would remember that when they go through these stages and remember that at the end of this a devoted friend and companion will emerge who will stand by your side through sick and sin.  But until then – you will always be one shoe short, socks that mysteriously disappear, having friends over who constantly haul your bras out from under chairs and tables, put up with dead electrical appliances when they chew through the cables, little puddles for you to step in, suffer from serious sleep deprevation when they want to play at 2 in the morning and put up with puncture wounds in your hands and feet while they lose their baby teeth.
But then nature gave them cute little faces, clumsy little bodies and floppy ears so that you heart can melt while they grow out of this stage!
It takes a hard person to resist them at this stage….

Like any toddler she runs around like a demented energizer bunny - only to pass out in a couple of seconds while her body and mind recharges for the next attack on our poor nerves!


Falling asleep in my arms with my hair as her blanket seems to be her favourite place at the moment....


Play with me dammit - or your shoes will get it!


Orange and pink together? And they say DOGS are colourblind.... harumph!


I will NOT go out in this outfit - and you can't make me!


Time for my beauty sleep again.... I use this time to dream up all the bratty things I'm about to unleash upon you poor unsuspecting humans!

More than a week ago I decided to move a couch up some stairs with one of my techies.  Unfortunately he is 6.2 and I am 5.4.  Do the maths!
The result is a badly hurt hand that got mangled between the couch and a door frame.  I bruised the muscles quite badly and cracked some “carpal” bone…  Have no idea what the hell it does or why humans have them, but until I find out its function I’m putting up with a wrist that don’t want to bend, fingers that don’t want to move like they should and a greeny-blue-yellow bruise circling my whole hand.  I have a wrist guard while it heals, but its so damn uncomfortable that I keep on taking it off… 
(It’s a good thing my doctor don’t know that I blog)


Looks like I decked somebody huh?

OK – let me stop boring all you nice people and get my butt back to work! 

Have a great day and stunning evening!



About Lyndatjie

A 50 year old Techno Junky from Cape Town - South Africa. Shares her home with 2 teenagers and other animals.
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4 Responses to Playing catch-up….

  1. Cindy says:

    I look forward to seeing your niece’s blog.
    Chloe can come and live here, I can see you are being very cruel to her.
    Ouchie on the arm, slow down you crazy child!

  2. souldipper says:

    You definitely have one very diverse job, Lyndatjie! And when I see that cascade of fabulous hair…how do you ever find time to look after it??!

    I sooo appreciate your animal-loving heart. You come very close to daring me to adopt a dog. Close, I say! My rat-rabbit-mouse-snake hunting Duc would have a meow or two to say on that subject.

    If your mother isn’t saying this, I will: Let that hand heal! You don’t want to have to be living with it when you are older! (Hey! I’ve been a mom for one minute and it felt good!)

  3. sous chef says:

    I will be very interested in your niece’s blog, my folks bought me a very larney camera that I don’t really know how to use! Your hand looks so sore, you should get some of the horse mutti that we use., excellent stuff.

  4. granny1947 says:

    and about time too!!!!

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