I’m a heathen…

I must be a heathen because I haven’t been beamed up by the great Scotty in the sky.  Damn!  I was looking forward to the rest…. 😦

Happiness is… Tea, Kakuro and five minutes to myself.

The elections are now over and I’m trying to wade through all the paperwork threatening to smother me….  Why is it that every single project that I get involved in has oodles and oodles of crappy documentation that needs to be filled in in triplicate, signed, authorised, stamped and stapled to my forehead?

But enough moaning!

My team excelled themselves…. AS USUAL!

I was born under a lucky star because I’m part of a group of people that will move mountains to make a project work.  These are the guys that I can take to war with me because they will fight tooth and nail to win. 

I look at the other teams around me and I worry about their inhouse fighting and their lack of faith in each other.  Very little cohesive team spirit exists.  If I was their Manager, I would try and fix THAT important aspect first before I witch-hunted the reason for some of their failures.

But enough about them – let me rather brag about the guys in my team.

They innovated where solutions appeared impossible, they made life easy where problems appeared insurmountable and they did it all with a smile!  After 61 hours of NO SLEEP, they still managed to make me laugh.


But let me go now before the stack of paper on my desk shifts and buries me under the masses of red tape ruling my world right now….

*sad wave goodbye*

Its a sad world when this spaghetti junction makes more sense to me than most people… *wink*


About Lyndatjie

A 50 year old Techno Junky from Cape Town - South Africa. Shares her home with 2 teenagers and other animals.
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4 Responses to I’m a heathen…

  1. Cindy says:

    What’s that in your mug, custard?

  2. granny1947 says:

    The team is only as good as it’s manager so take a bow!!!

  3. souldipper says:

    I agree with Granny! Take another one!

  4. sue chef says:

    You are very strange…please tidy up all those wires! *runs*

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