Election mania….

We are working ourselves into a standstill at the moment getting everything ready for the local elections.

On Friday I used the network infrastructure needed at the Results Centre as an excuse to train all our Interns on how to make network cables.  The male Interns were laughing at the females because they were taking twice as long to finish their cables.  But when we tested all the cables – ALL the ladies’ ones were working and only TWO of the macho he-men ones were working.


Of course it would have been advisable at this point to take the more mature route and not tease them about it….. unfortunately I’m NOT very mature and so  I poked fun at their macho preconceptions for the rest of their shift.

Life can be SUCH fun sometimes… *grin*

It has always been a source of fascination to me that their are so many varied and bizarre perceptions about people based on their sex, race, age, religion or looks.  Often we find ourselves stuffed into little boxes that we don’t belong in because that is where people put us.  Some of us break out and expand our wings, but unfortunately most remain where we are put like good little boys and girls.  What a sad waste… 

 As usual I had nowhere to plonk my sorry behind down while trying to work on my reports, answer my emails and supervise the installations and so I ended up on the floor…. ONCE AGAIN! 

Trying to be a lady in this job is just too damn hard!

Check out the Skater Shoes!   Of course it doesn’t fit in with my age – but then I refuse to stay in the box marked OLD!  They are comfortable, they are fun and I LOVE the skulls on it!

As with all productions – I immediately made friends with the most important person on the site! 


She took one look at my sad Basset Hound face, saw how I was being abused by my team and promptly brought me a cup of tea!  For the rest of the day she took me under her wing, called me “My Little Tea Pot” and brought me copious amounts of tea and biscuits.  MUCH to the disgust of the Techies.

I love it that life sometimes has a way of balancing itself out!

Now let me get back to work before I am tempted to go and read blogs and forget about work waiting still to be done.

Sorry I haven’t visited yet – hopefully I will get to read the backlogs by this weekend when the election circus dies down.

Have a great day – and for of you who are in South Africa… VOTE!  I worked too damn hard for you just to take the day off and not get to the voting stations… gggrrr!


About Lyndatjie

A 50 year old Techno Junky from Cape Town - South Africa. Shares her home with 2 teenagers and other animals.
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3 Responses to Election mania….

  1. Cindy says:

    Well done to your hard working team! I’d bring you all chocolate cake if I was closer.

  2. granny1947 says:

    Hello Little Teapot…I will be voting…too scared not to!!!

  3. I just know, you “with it” woman, that you get lots of mileage out of those shoes! 😀

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