Just edit us out as if we don’t exist…

Now you see her…

Now you don’t!

Where’s Hilary?
And where’s the female aid in the background?

Why have they been taken out?

Because the Editors of the Hasidic newspaper will not intentionally include any image of women in their paper because it can be seen as being sexually suggestive.  This is according to Rabbi Jason Miller.

Then what about the fact that they are tampering with an official photograph released by the White House?   This photograph was taken when the White House was briefed about the Osama Bin Laden shootings.  In other words – its historical… so why are they tampering with the historical facts?

I would never break down somebody’s religion – but when a woman can only be seen as a sexually suggestive icon and not for who and what she is then I worry that the wrong emphasis is yet again being placed on the female of the species.

The male appears not to be held accountable for his own actions nor are they expected to see women for their intrinsical value.  Instead many religions and cultures negate the female to a sexual object that needs to be covered or sequestered.

Can we rape ourselves?
Can we make ourselves pregnant?

It appears to be better to just lock us away and throw away the key so that the men can’t be “led astray” by the Jezebels of this world. After all… its for our own protection…. right?

What a frightening concept that we need to shoulder the blame for the sins of this world for ever and ever AMEN!


About Lyndatjie

A 50 year old Techno Junky from Cape Town - South Africa. Shares her home with 2 teenagers and other animals.
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4 Responses to Just edit us out as if we don’t exist…

  1. Cindy says:

    Why’s Hugh Grant there?

  2. granny1947 says:

    That is unbelievable.
    Probably why we are so much stronger than men…we are used to being blamed for everything.
    Except in SA where the politicians are doing such a great job of screwing up!

  3. souldipper says:

    I’ve been asking the same question, Lyndatjies, vis a vis the dress code. Same sentiments exactly. Women are made invisible and silent in the name of protecting men from themselves? But I had no idea they would resort to this level of censorship.

  4. sue chef says:

    Very scary! 😦

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