Doing the Cape Town Fanwalk

It went great….

I hope they keep the FanWalk for other special events in Cape Town because it truly was a huge hit with the crowd!

This is going to be a post of just pictures with just a bit of explanation here and there – hope you don’t mind…..
(Put your mouse over the pic to get an description.)

Driving there we saw many interesting things – but the one that we just had to take a pic of is this one!

The Dutch have arrived in Cape Town

For months before the whole World Cup started letters and information leaflets were giving to the residents and people driving around the Stadium. People were warned that if you didn’t have a residence permit plainly displayed on your car to give you permission to park in certain areas, your car will be towed. Not only would they need to pay to get it released – they would also be issued with a fine. OUCH! Well we saw around every single corner that they were NOT joking!

Cars blocking the roads were removed by happy smiling police officers. Do they have to enjoy their job this much?

Another poor sod's car gets towed.

When we arrived the people were already streaming towards the stadium and this was 5 hours before the match started. Yikes!

What on earth are they going to do there so early?

Then we did the actual FanWalk itself – joining thousands of people intent on having fun! A crazy experience!

Those unlucky enough to work or live on the route of the FanWalk made the best of it by sitting on their roofs and balconies and joining in on the fun.

Starting the FanWalk in the centre of town...

Dressing the part was a MUST!

Call me unpatriotic… but that vuvuzela makes my eyes water…

Ever present Vuvuzela was honked all over the place

All these people and not one jerk amongst them all…. brilliant!

Into the night the revellers just kept on streaming towards the stadium

The people could have taken busses to the stadium - but they preferred to walk.

The crossing right outside the traffic department in Green Point

Can you see the Cape Town Stadium?

This is without a doubt my favourite shot because it shows the beautiful city that I work in with the stunningly designed Cape Town Stadium in the background.

And last but not least – two happy smiling ladies who loved being part of this incredible experience.

Mum to the left and her sister to the right

Sjoe – this was a long post to put together…. don’t think I’m going to try this again in a hurry….
Have a great day everybody!


About Lyndatjie

A 50 year old Techno Junky from Cape Town - South Africa. Shares her home with 2 teenagers and other animals.
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13 Responses to Doing the Cape Town Fanwalk

  1. cindy says:

    Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.
    Your mom looks glowing, it seems your goal to cheer her was achieved.
    Well done.

    • Lyndatjie says:

      Mum can’t stop talking about it…. but boy was she tired that night. She actually ate a whole small pizza before passing out for the night. I’m so glad she did it because it is a memory that you carry with you for the rest of your life.

  2. granny1947 says:

    Wonderful pictures Frog….there is something for you on my post…please pop over and collect it.

    • Lyndatjie says:

      Eeeekkk….. A reward? For me? *frog does a happy jig*
      Crazy Granny – how are you? Did you bury that teenager with his long hair and all? *grin*

  3. Baglady says:

    I thought about you on Tuesday coz I heard on the radio there was a bombscare. Glad everything went well. Your mom looks healthy and gorgeous.

  4. New Attitude says:

    You captured the spirit beautifully…I also love the pic of all the peeps with the flags in the backdrop….your mum doesn’t look a day over 50 never mind in her 70’s …she is glowing…and you can tell they are sisters…lovely post!

  5. Lyndatjie says:

    My mother has never really looked her age. (My step father is 10 years younger than her – talk about being a cradle snatcher!).
    The pics brought back memories for you huh? I thought of you as I posted it and I was hoping that you would see it and comment on it. Wasn’t that fanwalk just an incredible experience… *sigh*

  6. sounds like everyone had a really great time, that’s so wonderful

    ps – pop over to my blog on letterdash and CAREFULLY watch the badges area

  7. Hi Lyndatjie, you might want to check out what’s potting with my latest post 🙂

    I also did the fan walk with Allan during the Dutch-Cameroon game. My feet were killing me, but it was SO worth it because that’s where the “gees”starts to catch you, so that by the time you are at the stadium you are so pysched up, it’s like you have a million red ants in your pants.

  8. supagran says:

    Your Mom is looking terrific! you do know you look just like her?

    I loved the vibe last night in Durban, walking from the buses to teh stadium was such a laugh, so I can imagine the excitement with that many people, glad your Mom enjoyed it so much. There was also a great deal of chirping on the buses, all colours, all countries, all talking. I didn’t see one ugly moment, apart from the chap that ran onto the pitch.

  9. Adeeyoyo says:

    Lovely, Lyndatjie!

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