Annoying barking and yapping dogs…

Nearly 8 months ago my beloved dog Domino was attacked by a Husky and died from her injuries despite my Vet’s best efforts.

Even though I had my dog on a lead, the Husky was allowed to roam free and attacked us without any warning. I was extremely traumatized and badly in need of a method to help me control aggressive dogs on my nightly walk.

I did invest in a Tazer – but after careful reading of the brochure realized that I could seriously hurt or kill a dog and I’m just too much of an animal lover to ever contemplate such a horrible thing.

So it was with great interest that I read about the Dazer II which is an ultrasonic dog deterrent. Apparently it produces a discomforting but harmless high frequency sound that only dogs can hear.

I searched for a website in South Africa that sold it and much to my delight found it on a fellow blogger’s website.

(Oops! This is NOT an advert for the product!)

Stops angry doggies in their track

It took five days to reach me and I immediately dragged a disgruntled teenager kicking and screaming out into the cold and wet with two very reluctant dogs who absolutely HATE getting their feet wet. Bunch of Woosies all of them!

Walking past yapping dogs imprisoned in their yards and jealous as hell of our two dogs prancing past their gate on a nice long walk – I suddenly realized that maybe being barked at and constantly scolded at by all the neighbourhood dogs could become a thing of the past as well!

So at the next gate I waited until the two big Alsatians let rip with their frightful baritone barking before I ripped out my Dazer and like John Wayne zapped them with my trusty 6 shooter.

The reaction was instantaneous!


Fits in the palm of your hand

Both dogs cocked their heads and just looked at us in total amazement. We stared at each other for a couple of seconds before the one Alsatian plucked up enough courage again to let out a bark and before he could utter the second one – I zapped him again.

He the got such a fright that he plopped his butt down on the floor and stared at us in total disbelief.

AHA! Take that you big bully!

We walked on and at the next gate a yapping little ankle biter who intermits his barking with an ear-splitting piercing howl got zapped before he could even bark a second bark. Again we got the same effect.

After that the Teenager and myself had a right royal fight the whole time as to who was going to zap the next lot of dogs who had the bad manners to bark at us. I am not too proud to admit that I fought like a spoilt brat to keep control of the miracle device and even threatened him with bodily harm if he tried to take it away.

Unfortunately I lost the fight many times because the little twerp is being fed too much and has grown past my maximum height two years ago and has never looked back since! (Note to self: Stop feeding the damn teenagers!)

We walked around the neighbourhood that night and many nights after that leaving behind us a sea of silent dogs. BLISS!

Flushed with my success – I decided to try it on our annoying neighbour’s dog who yaps insistently the minute my neighbour goes to work or ambles off to the shops.

So like a naughty five year old – I waited behind the hedge until my neighbour departed and within two seconds his dog started his annoying yapping.

I pointed my Dazer at him and zapped him for 1 second.


Not even a whimper came out while he cocked his head and stared at the hedge in abject confusion. After about 5 minutes, he gave a little experimental bark – but again I zapped him.

And that ladies and gentleman was the end of the yapping Toy Pom’s reign of terror on our now quiet neighbourhood.


On Saturday as I was unpacking my groceries from the car, my neighbour walked up to me and asked me if I had any problems with rodents or other critters taking up residence in my garden.

When I said no he looked very worried and said that he needs to find an exterminator then because his dog keeps on growling at the bush in his garden.


Did I come clean?


My mommy raised no damn fool!


About Lyndatjie

A 50 year old Techno Junky from Cape Town - South Africa. Shares her home with 2 teenagers and other animals.
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22 Responses to Annoying barking and yapping dogs…

  1. Natasha says:

    Lol, ag no Lynda, hiehiehie, this was a good one…can just visualize the expressions on the dogs faces and the dog growling at the bush 😉

  2. theonlycin says:

    lmao, you’re a nutter.
    (What does the product cost?)

    • lyndatjie says:

      About R700 bucks and it is worth it. You use it once or twice and very seldom do you need to use it again. They have another product that you tie up at the front door and it emits the same ultra-sonic noise the MINUTE they bark. But that was too rich for my blood… 😦

  3. Supa says:

    What a clever device 🙂

  4. wolfhoundkzn says:

    Would it work on IT techies – they’re from Mars you know? Could quieten down our Friday afternoons in the workshop – hmmmmmmm !

    • lyndatjie says:

      You are NOT going to believe me now -but I’m going to tell you in any case. I gave my work address as the delivery address and when it arrived I opened it in our workshop. The techies ALL swear that they could hear the frequency, but I’ll be damned if I could hear the damn thing myself!
      Now that I think about it though – I think the buggers were pulling my leg…. Eish! I’m such a gullible twit!

  5. mrakm says:

    How much are they ?
    I’m reduced to dripping Scrubb’s Ammonia in the offending Malteses driveway.

    PS – glad to hear your Mom is on the hoof again. Hope she gets back into the game soon.

    • lyndatjie says:

      R700 – a drop in the ocean if you consider all the money you would have had to pay to pelt their home with rotten eggs… *innocent look*

  6. I tried a similar device in the 90’s to train my cats not to shred furniture or wet on the carpet. It was not a success story,but then cats aren’t as obedient as dogs. I posted a snippet in my rant soup blog yesterday about how they’re now lobbying to use a similar device against people-young people, specifically, to combat vandalism and flash mobs. It’s apparently a frequency only those under a certain age can here. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing, but if it dispersed a crowd without any violence occurring, I’d at least say effective. I’m going to tell my mom and sis about this device you got since their neighbors have ten dogs barking at all hours. Thanks for sharing.

    • lyndatjie says:

      Cats are completely a law unto themselves. I’ve learnt early on that they are royalty and I’m but a lowly servant that were put on this earth to look after them.
      Something to disperse a crowd? That sounds incredible…. *runs off to read about it*
      Thanks for the visit!

  7. adeeyoyo says:

    Hahaha, hehe, oh priceless, Lyndatjie! I want one. Will check out the website for price and stockists. I have a neighbour …

    • lyndatjie says:

      The thing is so innocent looking that even if the neighbour catches you zapping his dogs – he wouldn’t even GUESS for a second what it was that you were doing… *evil cackle*

  8. grandawn says:

    Too funny! What an amazing product.

  9. daynemercy says:

    You had to have been scared to death…

    Three years ago, I was walking BuHsi – she’s all of six or seven pounds – when we were attacked by a very large, vicious dog. I was able to grab her up and she escaped injury as the dog was chewing on ME. A man ran out of his house and beat the dog with a golf club to make it stop. The poor thing – yes, even an angry dog is precious – died, and I blame the owners for not keeping it in their yard or socializing the animal. I wish I’d had your device – it would have saved that dogs’ life, and my leg (37 sutures).

    • lyndatjie says:

      I was traumatised beyond belief. I kicked and screamed and fell on that dog – but he just wouldn’t let go. I also had my other dog on a lead as well and was trying to keep him from being bitten as well… Like you I too didn’t blame the dog – as a matter of fact I tried to stop them from putting the Huskey down but their lawyer wouldn’t even listen to me. I even offered not to take it further and pay for the Vet bills myself – but they still went ahead. So now I’m sueing them because people like that shouldn’t have dogs! 😦
      37 Stitches… wow – you are brave!!!!

  10. halfp1nt says:

    Lol, I love it!
    I wonder just how good a deterrent it would be though on an aggressive dog in the street?

  11. lyndatjie says:

    It calms down aggressive dogs instantly! All you are doing is get their attention and stop a bad behaviour from happening. This thing does exactly that.

  12. Frogs Mom says:

    Gosh, this is the funniest review I have ever read about the Dazer! you literally had my giggling out loud!

    PS I like your new “home”

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